Saturday, March 22, 2008

Urban Meltdown

Grandpa recommended the book to me, sometime last year. I recently purchased it, and I am currently reading it so that I can lend it to Sandy, who is helping me make a tilt at the ACC in 2010.
Urban Meltdown, by Clive Doucet.
The book fills me with hope in two ways: it shows me many of the arguments I can make to support the reintroduction of rails to Adelaide/Australia, and it fills me with hope that they can be made to pay, and it is only unfair advantage to the motor companies which caused rail to go under, all those decades ago.
On the other hand, it shows me just how significant the control of the motor companies is, and how high a mountain it really is I need to scale in order to beat them.
I am only one person, but if people like Murdoch, Scott, Fox and Packer can do it, so can I.


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