Thursday, April 24, 2008

Airport Rail Link

I have decided upon a project for my Resource and Environmental Economics major essay: it will be a cost benefit analysis of a rail line from Keswick to the airport.
I have decided that rail, being independent of roads, is preferable to light rail, which is more efficient than cars but operates on the same infrastructure and therefore stops at traffic lights, etc., but that both are better than buses, which are a stop-gap measure while you're fixing rail lines or building new ones.
Keep an eye here for a detailed proposal, coming soon, to build a train line from Keswick to the airport and beyond. It will come in the form of a letter, which I will post to TransAdelaide, Charles Sturt, West Torrens and Adelaide City Councils, the premier, the transport minister, the local, state and federal tourism organisations, members of state and federal parliament in all seats through which the line will run, Adelaide Airport Corporation and anyone else I can think of. It'll be fun :D


tashabud said...

For someone as young as you, you sure have a good head on your shoulders. I applaud you for knowing exactly where you're going in life and for actively taking proactive measures to get there. My hats off to you.

Anonymous said...

Who would use it? More importantly who would pay for it? How much will it cost?