Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super Schools

So apparently I have never blogged here about how much I loath super schools. Time to do that, then.
Super schools require a larger catchment to justify the larger size. Thus, the average distance of a home from its school will increase. Quite apart from social and governance issues (which the government either thinks are irrelvant or beneficial, neither of which convinces me) this leads to transport issues. In time-poor households with two working parents, or single parents working full time, even on flexitime, an increase in travelling distance, particularly in the younger years, leads directly to an increase in people being driven to school.
No one lets a 6-y-o loose on public transport alone, and if schools are situated on main roads with large car parks (because of the daily traffic, suburban side-streets cease to be an option) walking or cycling, even in a group, will be less favoured. Besides the obvious environmental damage- the most polluting part of a car's journey is the first kilometre or so as it warms up- this ingrains into children an expectation that being driven, or driving, is the only way to get around.

On almost every front, I am against the new superschools policy, and ultimately this contributed to how I cast my vote in the recent election.