Sunday, March 16, 2008


cleveRail is the concept name of the company which I imagine to be a Deutsche Bahn-style commuter, freight and tourist rail company in Australia. I will be CEO and managing director, if possible with a controlling stake.
For the idea I am indebted to John Brookes, who helped me, on my recent holiday to visit him in Canberra, to crystalise my ambitions in this area. It was he who first suggested my job description would be "Rail Tycoon", and the idea kind of grew from there. There is a room in Bruce Hall Upper East which will always have a special meaning to me and cleveRail.
The name came to me on a later leg of the same holiday- this time while hiking to Bushman's Bay near Portsea in Melbourne's south. I was staying with my great uncle and aunt, and we were spending a glorious Sunday afternoon communing with Nature.

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