Sunday, March 30, 2008


I wanted to publish a comment I posted on the Independent Weekly's website in response to a letter to the editor of that publication about a suggested tramline extention to Thebaton. If I find it (and I will continue to search) I shall do so.

In other tram-related news, when visiting my parents yesterday, I was given a copy of Portside Messenger, whose front page story was a suggested tramline extention. Holdfast Bay, West Torrens, Charles Sturt and Adelaide City join Port Adelaide Enfield in pushing for a tram to replace the Port train line, extending down Sempaphore Rd and then to Outer Harbour.
This of course forms the beginning of what I planned to be cleveRail's very first new line: from Outer Harbour to Sellick's Beach along the coast.
I strongly support the move, despite it encroaching on what was going to be flagship cleveRail territory. Perhaps, by the time they're done hammering out the deal, cleveRail will exist and be in a position to bid for the right to build. It will likely be many years yet.

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