Tuesday, July 8, 2008

South Road Tram Flyway

It is a really, really stupid idea to have an on-demand pedestrian crossing rather than widen the tram flyway enough to have a bike path through it.

I, for one, will spend its second day crossing South Road incessantly. If they haven't programmed the lights properly, traffic might bank up further than during peak hour!


lildavie said...

That's true. I walk a lot though. I want a bike for my b'day though. 90 bucks from K-mart...a no fear 26 inch mens aluminium frame.get 7 people to split for it...works out to 13 dollars each approximately. When is you're b'day? I'll shout you one. Have a good holidays.


lildavie said...

sorry it's a bit more than 90. Whoops. Oh...I'm having a house party this friday night, 7 till late. Hope you can make it. To celebrate my 21st. Small party tho. Will send out invites on facebook soon. Take care. Dave. Your friend, always.