Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Exciting news in the paper today: FreightLink is in trouble, and is to be sold!
FreightLink, as I understand it, owns/operates the track from just north of Adelaide to Darwin. Aparently it's having trouble paying back the money it borrowed to build the track, so even though transport is doing well, the arm of the company which administers the track is losing money. But I say to that: there are tracks in Queensland which, 120 years after they were built, continue to carry grain from farms to ports. Apparently rail is a very, very long term investment.
The Australian tips Queensland Rail as a key stakeholder in the company, should the private sector indeed step in to bail out FreightLink. It also says that QR is branding itself as a national carrier, so I'm thinking a visit to Brisbane may be in order. I want to have ultimate responsibility for a company which runs all of Australia's rail operations. I will purchase shares in QR if it is a listed company (fingers crossed) and I am also looking out for the other companies named in the article on page 19-20 of today's Australian, and will look into purchasing some of their stock too.
Life is getting exciting!


Peter Michalak said...

APT (Freightlink) are now claiming that they are not in financial trouble, rather the board have always been looking to sell, and given the company is in a good position with the Bootu Creek and Francis Creek ore traffic, as well as several other prospective mines ready to open, the line is in a viable position to be sold... YEAH!! Believe it or not!

QR already has a presence in South Australia, and has done for the past year and a bit. QRN are currently operating AM6/MA6 services between Adelaide and Melbourne, as well as PA4/AP4 services between Adelaide and Perth. The whole issue is, that QRN has alot to go up against, as Asciano (PN) have the monopoly on east-west transcontinental services, so being involved in a syndicate to purchase the North-South Transcontinental would be an ideal option for QRN.

weimer said...


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