Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Northern Suburbs Rail

Obviously I have been concentrating on the western suburbs so far because that is what I know. However, people have been pressing me with plans for the northern suburbs, and the Facebook group, "Adelaide Needs New Trains" is dead-set keen on rail link to the Barossa so that people can live the rural life and still hop on a train and work/play in the city.
This is precisely the end to which I work, and I urge all readers with a half-baked, uncosted, selfish plan to build an express route from their town to the city to send it to me. If I am to make seriously useful policy, I need to know where people are going, when and how often.
Your thoughts on ticketing and other, non-timetable issues which affect your decision to take public transport or not are also humbly requested.

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