Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Getting Rich

I spoke about my plans yesterday in a German oral entitled, "Was taete ich mit meinem Reichtum, und wie kaeme ich daran, reich zu sein?"
Out tutor expressed a concern that I might not get rich building rail, and that a much better way to go about it would be to go into politics and let others go broke providing the environment with a good rail system. But I am certain in my own mind that getting rich is possible. She didn't think that DB was actually a successful company. But I'm sure they are, even if it requires government subsidies or relatively few services compared to when it was a public company.
I'll just campaign for better subsidies to support a public-service similar system.

As though it were that easy.

My latest idea for the tram is extending it to West Tce, down to Sir Donald Bradmad Drive and then terminating at the airport. (With stops at Export Park, Harbour Town and the new industrial park as well as the terminal itself.)
Then you would make both this and the Glenelg service terminate at Adelaide Train Station. Then you extend the tram around to South Tce and Hutt St/East Tce and have it connect back up. You make this ring tram free and the others paid, even within the city. Stops all this confusion with shuttle trams and whether you have to buy a ticket and when.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that the point? If you have to offer subsidies and offer less services, that doesn't exactly spell success does it?